Thanks Again,! Thanks Again,!

Happy Monday, friends!  I cannot believe that we're already at the end of July!  As much as I love Fall, I don't want summer to end ...

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5:10 AM

Free Shopping! Free Shopping!

Happy Sunday!  It's that time again for "Let's Switch Things Up a Bit!"  Today's victim ... the dining room: Newly pai...

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6:15 AM

I love Rum Cake! I love Rum Cake!

Happy Friday !! I'm keeping this short and sweet, but wanted to share something that we've wanted to do for a long time ... we  *fin...

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1:00 PM

All Ready for Fall! All Ready for Fall!

Yup, I'm all decorated for Fall!  Okay, okay ... juuuuust kidding!  But, I simply couldn't resist the great gathering that Amy is ho...

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7:09 AM

Mudroom Changes! Mudroom Changes!

Greetings, sweet friends ... remember me?!  May I just say I've been a bad blogging friend lately!  My crazy summer projects here at hom...

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8:13 AM