Our Boring Halloween Mudroom! Our Boring Halloween Mudroom!

If you were to ask my son what is second favorite holiday is, he'll quickly tell you it's Halloween!  He's at that age (7) where...

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5:06 PM

Tiny Changes in our Master Bedroom Tiny Changes in our Master Bedroom

I owe our bedroom an apology, as I always tend to forget to share little goodies in here ... whether it's orange pillows added for the s...

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11:25 AM

Our Fall Front Porch Our Fall Front Porch

Don't you just love when you open a seasonal bin full of Fall "stuff," only to find a forgotten bag from "Michael's&q...

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3:48 AM

Our Fall Kitchen ... Our Fall Kitchen ...

Greetings, friends! Okay, so if I don't do any other decorating for Fall in our kitchen, the one thing that I'll always incorporate ...

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1:37 PM