Dining Room, Take 2 ... Dining Room, Take 2 ...

Happy Wednesday ... we're halfway through the week!  It's getting quite chilly here and, unfortunately, 'tis the season for gett...

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3:39 PM

Lighten and Brighten Lighten and Brighten

Hope you all are enjoying the day.  It's absolutely gorgeous here ... I have *no* business being indoors, let alone playing on the compu...

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1:11 PM

Fall Buffet Fall Buffet

Happy Tuesday! It's almost *chilly* here today, which I love!  Since finishing my Fall tree that I shared with you yesterday, I've ...

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12:24 PM

My Fall Family Tree My Fall Family Tree

My poor husband ... he's such a great sport when it comes to supporting my decorating obsession hobby.  He'll make countless trips ...

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6:30 AM